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All primary schools in Shalikha Upazila of Magura district are brought under digitalization.


23213 Honorable Minister Youth and Sports Ministry, Deputy Commissioner, Magura, District Primary Education Officer, Magura, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Shalikha and also the Education Officer Shalikha  Along with the  Innovation team of Upazilla are working relentlessly to announce the development of Shalikha upazila of Magura district  with the aim of building for the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Sonar Bangla and Digital Bangladesh. Digital Attendance is being set up at 102 government primary schools in Shalikha upazila. Students will enter the school and hold the card in front of the machine while counting on their entry and likewise counting the departure time when the card is placed in front of the machine while leaving the machine/school. This machine is powered by charging, but the machine is automatic, without any type of internet connection, the machine can make online data automation synchronization without any connection. Monitor the presence of an online server with an Android mobile or computer from any part of the globe.

As a result, the children of the upazila students can learn to use a new technology, it is possible to ensure 100% attendance in the presence of the students in school attendance and stipend. The activities of the number 01, Dhaneshwar Gati Union were started in the upazila and the work of setting up machines in six other unions is in progress. Upazila education officer can monitor the presence of teacher and student attendance of Upazila Education Officer. Upazila Education Officer through a monitor can immediately give necessary instructions by calling them from mobile phone to software. It will be possible to ensure accountability in the presence of teachers and students in the primary schools of the Upazila. The system is running in the Arpara Model Government Primary School.

Snapchat App: Install, Features, and Problems Solution


Snapchat App: Install, Features, and Problem Solution

Snapchat is an image based messaging and multimedia mobile app which created by Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy, who are former students at Stanford University, and also developed by Snap Inc. It initially released in September 2011. Available in 20 languages. Operating systems are Android and iOS. Its size 52.19 MB for Android, and 129.2 MB for iOS. Snapchat allows users to capture pictures and videos that self-destruct after a few seconds. When a user sends a message they get to make a decision whether it will live for between 1 and 10 seconds.
It’s most important concepts are that photo and messages are only available for a short period before they become in unreachable or inaccessible. Snapchat has become prominent for representing a new, and mobile first direction for social media. And it places a significant importance on his users interesting with various types of interesting stickers and objects. Now Snapchat has more than 178 million daily users.


How do you use snap chat?
Step 01.When you open Snapchat app, it will default to the back-facing camera.
Step 02.Tapping on the big circle will take a Photo.
Step 03.Once you have taken the photo (or recorded video), swipe left or right to scroll through and add a geo filter.
Step 04.To switch to the front-facing camera (“selfie mode”) tap the camera icon on the top right.

Is it Safe to Use Snapchat?
Though it is a digital communication tool and such as can be used for good or bad. So parents should discuss appropriate use of Snapchat with your teens can easily help prevent problems. Their main purpose is to “contain the broadest series of self-expression while giving Snapchat users a secure and pleasant experience.” Conversely, the “safe” part of Snapchat has often been debated. The app has become a hotbed for sexting and cyberbullying among all ages, in part thanks to how it operates. But finally, it can be said that it is easy to use. Teens find a fun way to stay in touch with their close Relatives and friends by sharing their fun and crazy pictures when they are in a mall, or anywhere else. At school, one should be aware that there are probably rules against that.

Some teens consider that because photo and video texts or “Snaps” as they are called, vanish in just a few seconds the app is completely harmless. But, photos can be saved as screenshots. This is worrisome for parents because they have no control over what comes across their teenager’s screen at any given moment. It also could become the room for future cyberbullying.
One 15-year-old boy can exchange Snaps with a 14-year-old girl. But it seems very simple at the beginning level because they were very fun. Soon the girl sending pictures of her wearing underwear, and later on sent Snaps her topless. And the boy saved them by taking picture or video. It is really bad practice for both and most of the time bring harm for their family. So we should talk to our teens Snapchat and all form of social media. Find some common ground you can agree on. Parents can monitor whether or not their child uses SnapChat through the TeenSafe app.

How to delete your Snapchat account
Step 01. Open your browser and go to Snapchat.com.
Step 02. Scroll down and select “Support”, under the “Company” section.
Step 03. Select “Learning the basics”.
Step 04. Select “Account Settings”.
Step 05. Select “Delete an Account”.

Some Features of Snapchat You Didn’t Know Existed

  • Android and iOS users can easily record up to 60 seconds of Snapchat footage with Multi-Snap.
  • You can easily draw with emoji rather than digital brushstrokes by tapping pen icon after you have shot a snap and then hitting the symbol under the color palette.
  • You can create your own Geofilters, while you are in weddings and birthdays.
    Once you’ve applied a filter to your snap, tap and hold the screen with one finger and swipe with another to layer another filter on top of it.
  • You can reduce the amount of data Snapchat munches through by enabling Travel Mode.
  • It’s also useful to understand what Snapchat’s different-colored arrows and squares mean
    Create your own Snapcode GIF. Just swiping down from the camera screen and hitting the Snapchat icon and then camera the button.
  • You can find out how many Snapchat trophies you’ve earned by tapping the trophy icon above your Snapcode.
  • You can hide stories you have no interest to see by tapping and holding it, then selecting Hide Story.
  • You can Shazam a song within Snapchat by tapping and holding the camera screen. Once it identifies it, you can share the song with your friends.

Vanish Technology: Improving Privacy of Web with Self-Destructing Data


Vanish Technology

Computing and act through the net make it virtually not possible to go away the past behind. School Facebook posts or footage will resurface during employment interview; a lost or taken pc (portable computer) will expose personal photos or messages; or a legal investigation will subpoena the whole contents of a home or work computer, uncovering incriminating or simply embarrassing details from the past.
Our analysis seeks to safeguard the privacy of past, archived knowledge — like copies of emails maintained by associate email supplier — against accidental, malicious, and legal attacks. Specifically, we tend to would like to confirm that all copies of certain knowledge become undecipherable when a user-specified time, with none specific action on the a part of a user, without having to trust any single third party to perform the deletion, Associate in Nursing although an offender obtains each a cached copy of that information and therefore the user’s scientific discipline keys and password
Vanish could be a research aimed at meeting this challenge through a completely unique integration of scientific discipline techniques with distributed systems. we have a tendency to at the start enforced a proof-of-concept Vanish model that uses the million-node Vuze Bit Torrent DHT to make self-destructing information. For an outline of our Vuze-based self-destructing system, please check with our paper.

Research Contributions

  • Overall, we’ve so far created many important contributions to the self-destructing knowledge drawback and beyond; a number of these contributions are already revealed, whereas others are still in the works:
    We outlined an ambitious analysis agenda for self-destructing knowledge within the cloud. a major demand during this agenda is deletion while not trusting any single party. This agenda is introduced in an exceedingly paper that appeared at USENIX Security ’09.
  • We designed and designed a model distributed-trust self-destructing information system based on the Vuze DHT. an outline and preliminary analysis of our example is enclosed in our USENIX Security ’09 paper
  • Following the demonstration of Vuze’s status to Sybil data-crawling attacks, we tend to designed, enforced and deployed security-enhancing options to the live million-node Vuze DHT. we have a tendency to are presently acting on a paper that demonstrates these options.
  • We designed new different structures for self-destructing knowledge supported geographically distributed servers and hierarchal secret sharing. Our next paper also will embody descriptions of those new structures.
  • Inspired by our efforts to form the Vuze DHT mildew Vanish higher, we have a tendency to design a next-generation “active” DHT, referred to them as the extraterrestrial object, that expands the appliance house for key-value storage systems by building support for application-specific customizations into these systems. A paper describing estraterrestrial body can seem at OSDI ’10.

Source: vanish.washington

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How to Use Foursquare and Promote Your Business?


Foursquare for Business:
How to Use Foursquare and Promote Your Business?

What is Foursquare? Simply can be called-Location-Based Social Networking. Are you interested in rewarding your local business and loyal customers? Now need wondering about how FourSquare could help your business. Foursquare is the ideal platform for the association the gap between your online and offline audience in a reasonable and scalable way. Since this is a leading based social network, Foursquare offers of opportunities for business both small and big. When the matter is to come to location-focused social apps, you have to announce that Foursquare is the king of location with 20 million users and strong features for users and businesses similarly. Foursquare is available in English, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish. Founder- Dennis Crowley, Naveen Selvadurai. Founded in New York City, New York, U.S. Worldwide service. Launched on March 11, 2009. Over 200 Employees. Its Slogan is Foursquare helps you find places you’ll love, anywhere in the world. They already have a community of over 30 million people worldwide. Over 3 billion check-ins, with millions more every day, and over a million businesses presently using Foursquare.

If you want to get started on Foursquare as a business, you need to sign up as a personal user and then to connect your business listing to your account. Formerly you have listed or entered the name of your business and address, Foursquare will explore to see if this listed place is already on their site, after that they will ask you for address and verification details that your business can be listed or placed.

To increase business prospect and ease of contact in finding the business location, Foursquare ask for :

  • Location verification on a physical map
  • The business Twitter account name
  • The business telephone number
  • Category selection which is then drilled down to the exact physical type of location your business is at.

When all the information has been input the verification process is then activated. Foursquare need you to input your telephone number and make a call where they ask for you to state:

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Relationship with business
  • Foursquare also ask you to repeat a code that presents to your PC screen.

After completing this process, your business can be verified in one of two ways:
01.Payment of a one-off fee of $20 by credit card to expedite verification
02.Verification via email that can take up to 3 -4 weeks.

Verification Received!

Once you are verified as a business then the marketing fun process starts.
Add your business information
Check your main information for correctness and add some links to your Twitter and Facebook page. You can also supply details of the opening hours of your business.

Create a Business Brand Page

You can create a brand page and share updates and offers to Foursquare users to this site if your business does not have an office or a physical store. You can also use your brand page when the business has several locations.
To create a page you need to sign in and connect Foursquare with your Twitter account.

  • Your foursquare page will be foursquare.com/YourTwitterName
  • When the page has been created you can then add content using visual photos and text to optimize your business.
  • Foursquare users can prefer to follow a brand page and their updates.
  • The brand page can put down tips at any location with facts relating to their particular industry or market.

You can also use updates for your account to create news regarding your business. Your updates could include:

  • A sale or discount
  • Forthcoming event
  • Modify of opening hours
  • Charity drive

It is recommended that you add a photo to your updates to improve user demand.

American Express has a widespread partnership with the Foursquare, by allowing them to offer extraordinary to customers for using their card at 100,000 locations.
They are using the Promoted Updates feature to bring their specials at various businesses all over the United States to the top of the Explore tab. This way, they have assured disclosure for their company and with the added impressions, they are hopeful for wider use of their Foursquare specials.
American Express is an exceptional model in terms of the scale of their movement, but nevertheless, using two Foursquare features to support one another is a tactic any marketer could apply to his or her business.

Internet Security: 10 Effective Ways to Keep Personal Data Safe from Peepers


Internet Security

10 Effective Ways to Keep Personal Data Safe from Peepers


In this present world, the internet is fastened in many people’s lives. The Internet has changed our lives, everyday communication. And we know that it is a great source and a place full of fantastic and useful information. The Internet provides us a means of services and information. Now many activities in our daily lives depend on the Internet, including various forms of shopping, communication, entertainment financial services, and many others.  But you have to know that it is also a source of many threats, risks, and hazards. You just think about all information you send over the Internet, like bank account information, personal messages, photographs, your card details etc. As a general internet user, you have the expectation that your transactions and communication secure and private. Just think about when you make a video call to your family member, you normally expect that no one else is watching what you are doing. When you buy something through online with your personal credit card, you must expect that nobody else can get access to your credit card details.

So you should learn about the various security threats and methods to make your online activities more safe, sound and enjoyable. Now I will give you a few but important tips on how to be safe your data on the internet.

Most of the time, the internet is indeed secure and private. But there are a number of risks. The following lesson will provide some review of those security risks and also provide some realistic suggestions on how to deal or tackle them.

We know that computer viruses are one of the serious threats consists of viruses and another type of harmful programs. A computer virus is a program that easily duplicates itself into other computer programs and causes damage hardware, software or data of the computer. It performs a harmful action, for example, getting sensitive information or corrupting data.

The best way to fight with the threat of a computer virus is to use antivirus software. Antivirus software helps to protect a computer system from viruses and other types of harmful programs. Antivirus software scans your online activity to make sure you are not downloading the infected programs or files. It also helps to detect and remove viruses from your computer system if you do get infected.

Phishing is the program that attempts to get sensitive information like passwords, usernames and credit card details etc. It is often caused by spiteful motives. It is also an email scam that is masked as an official communication from a legal website. The message generally tricks to people into providing some sensitive information, for instance, login details. A usual scam consists of a message that focuses and describes some issue with your account and requires you to log in to your account to confirm something. This message, however, looks very official, expert by using logos and formal language. The Web page looks very authentic, but if you look carefully and closely, the Internet address is in fact not the official one. Don’t follow that link because financial institutions never send out these types of messages. Go to institution’s official Website and do log in to your account easily that you generally would. Remind it never sign in your account from the link that already sent to you in an email.

There are six Phishing scams like deceptive phishing, spear phishing, Pharming, CEO fraud, Dropbox phishing, and Google docs’ phishing.

Spam is a type of electronic junk mail. It is the use of an electronic messaging system to send thousands of unwanted and unsolicited messages, typically on advertising. Experts of Spam try to collect email addresses by using automated spiders that crawl across Web pages. Spiders look through discussion forums and newsgroups. Spammers may use a procedure known as a directory harvest attack, which sends a message to millions of repeatedly generated email addresses.

Though there is no comprehensive solution because we are wrapping with internet and tech devices but there is a thing you can do make your communication less insecure. Here are best 10 ways you have to consider.


I know you may never tense regarding your email or email setup. You may never think about your email security and also not concern how will your email be hacked?

So rethink your email setup. Just mind it that all “FREE” email, webmail is suspect. Because email is broadly used in the world, developed and well-understood service. This email is frequently the target of attacks. Your email can be harmed by Malware, Spam, and phishing, Spam etc. So take these seven steps to keeping your email secure: 01. Choose s strong password. Longer is better. You have to mix of letters, numbers, symbol, and punctuation marks. 02. You can choose a strong security question. 03. Make sure you’re using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). 04. Never use your Email account password on another website. 05. Perform regular operating system and browser updates. 06. Enroll in 2 steps verification method. 07. Update your account recovery options.

02. Encryption

Now we are going through the time when the conveniences of pervasive connectivity, including the cloud, have put us at high risk than ever of getting hacked. You need to encrypt the message themselves if you cannot use secure, private email services and want to make confident your emails are safe. Encrypt email messages and your email server to keep messages unreadable by everyone except you and the recipient. Email encryption also includes the authentication. Emails are prone to disclose information. There are two most common forms of message encryption system include Open PGP and Secure or Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (SIME/MIME). Never think that device encryption is a one-stop solution for protecting all of your data and information from prying eyes, especially when you are sending information over the internet. But device encryption converts all of your data stored on your phone into a form that can only be read with the proper documentation.

03Web Browsing

If you ask me a question that which is the best and most secure Web Browser? Mozilla Firefox? Google Chrome? Opera? Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? It’s a common and simple question but the answer is complicated. The Network Security Services Labs (NSS) research showed that there is no single browser uniformly and equally protected users of browsers against the bulk of security threats and privacy risks. That means no single browser is bulletproof, so the next and best things are to make your browser is as secure as possible. There are six commons but one of the best ways you can improve the security of your browser. 01. Configure your browser’s security and privacy setting. 02. Keep browser updated. 03. Sign up for alerts. 04. Be alert during installing plug-ins. 05. Install security plug-ins like HTTPS Everywhere, Web of Trust, LongURL.org.

04. Cloud Services

More your applications and data are moving to the cloud that introduces exclusive info security threats and challenges.  Some biggest security threats right now those organizations often face when using cloud services: Insecure interfaces and APIs, System and application vulnerability, Data breaches, Data loss, Insufficient due diligence, Weak identity, credential and access management, Malicious insiders, Advanced persistent threats, Abuse and nefarious use of cloud services, Account hijacking etc. Research of the Snowden Reveals that you should avoid all type of cloud services (iCloud, Evernote, Dropbox etc). These cloud services are based in France, the UK, the US. You should mind it that anything that stored on such cloud systems will probably accessible by others. But if you keep entrusting data to them, then you have to sure it’s encrypted.

05.Stop Spyware

Safeguard your information with antivirus software. Top ten Antivirus software are listed below: Avast Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, ESET NOD32, AVG Antivirus, Kaspersky Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essential, Panda Cloud Antivirus, McAfee VirusScan, Malwarebytes, Clam Antivirus.

There is another program called Spyware. It is a program that set up in a computer and sends information about you and exploits your computer to a third party, Spyware habitually enters in your system when you are installing some type of software (like free) from a source that not trusted. In the time of Installation of the program what you were interested in too installs the spyware. Since you authorized the installation, usual protection methods, for example, antivirus software, don’t avoid spyware from getting installed in this way.

When spyware program is installed, it starts collecting information. Some spyware programs are risk-free and collect very common information. Other spyware programs may record your actual keystrokes, like passwords,

When spyware has collected information, sends this to who created the program. This happens without giving any notice to you. Removing the spyware can sometimes be difficult. Often program installs itself again as quickly as you can delete it. To counteract spyware, you just need to use a best and dedicated spyware management tool.

06. Destroy Data

Vanishtechnology that developed by the researchers at the University of Washington. It makes electronic data ‘self-destruct’ after a specified period of time. Vanish does this job instead of relying on Facebook, Google, Hotmail to delete the data on their servers.

 07. Over Share on Social Networking Sites

Do you like inviting danger? Thought nobody does but they invite danger or hazard accidentally. One of the trending ways is oversharing on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc). Social media acted as the opium of the masses. These media introduce a way to share things regarding your life, emotion. The FBI uses Social Media (like Facebook) to catch criminals and the White House has its own social accounts to connect with the public.

Always remember three tips when you are using social media: Don’t invite unknown people to talk with you, be careful when making friends on social media sites, if you share too much information about yourself, your identity, peeper can easily get information about life, not all are plain people busy with their own lives. You also have to careful regarding your photo shared on social media, because if anybody wants to know about your location or position, he/she just click on your picture, simply download and run it through some specific software, for example, ExifTool that is designed to extract metadata from images. By using metadata of images on Google Maps or Google Street View give away the street map of the place where the images were taken. When you uploaded your own house’s photo, the snooper trace you easily the complete map to your place. Imagine, how scary is this?

08. Turn off Your Computer.

After using your computer or Laptop, power it off. Be very careful that leaving computer devices on with connection to the Internet, clear the door for snooper attacks. It ultimately gives scammers right of entry malware and commits cyber crimes. So to be safe, must turn off when it’s not in use your computer.

09. Wireless Services

Do you know wireless threats come in all shapes and sizes? Many wireless users don’t know what kind of hazard they face by attaching a WAP to their wired network. The common wireless threats can be, the Ad-hoc Networks/ Rogue Access Points, configuration problems, denial of service, passive capturing. Disable Bluetooth when you’re not using it. You only switch it on when you clearly need to use it. Similarly, be careful to open wifi in public place.

10. Lock Down Your Hardware

A unique password is required when your computer boots up or sleep.  You can easily believe the family members but imagine what if your computer is stolen or you lose it? Same issue regarding your mobile phone. You should use a password to access them every time you use them. You can also use an app that will locate your phone, tablet if it’s stolen or lost as well as lock it. And make sure your PC, mobile are protected with a good anti-malware software or app.


At the end of the day everyone wants to secure in working on Internet, so hopefully, information in each step within this article will be helpful in securing your data from the pepper. You have to keep your operating system update by installing any recent updates. Avoid using social services like ‘FourSquare’ because it asks your location information. Stay away from such websites that contain spyware. Another way you can keep your information safe when you’re entering credit card details, visiting banking site is to make sure the code prefix starts with https:// URL address.

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What Are The Current Trends In Computer Hardware Platforms?


What Are The Current Trends In Computer Hardware Platforms?

Many companies are gradually changing computing platforms from personal PC and desktop devices into latest mobile devices for example cell phones and Smartphone.

The promising mobile digital computing platform, grid computing, and on-demand cloud computing demonstrate that, gradually more, computing is going on and taking place over a network.

Grid computing involves of connecting organically distant computers into a particular network to create a computational grid that comes together with the computing power of all the computers on the network with which to attack big computing problems.

Cloud computing is a model of computing where firms and individuals acquire computing power and software applications over the Internet, rather than purchasing and installing the software and hardware on their own computers. In autonomic computing, computer systems have capabilities for automatically configuring and repairing themselves. It is the computing model, which affords services like “Computer Processing”, “Storage”, “Software” and “Other Services” over the internet. These computing resources are accessed by any needy through connected devices.

Virtualization organizes computing resources in order that their use isn’t restricted by physical configuration or geographic location. Server image allows firms to run over one software system at the sometimes on a similar pc. A multi-core processor could be a microprocessor to that 2 or additional processors are connected for increased performance, cut back power consumption and additional economical coinciding processing of multiple tasks.

Many of the companies that started out introducing On Demand application services have developed platform services as well. The platform sector of cloud computing refers to products that are usually used to organize internet. Google, NetSuite, Amazon, and Microsoft have also developed platforms that let users access applications from centralized servers.

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What Are The Stages And Technology Drivers Of IT Infrastructure Evolution?

IT Infrastructure -Evolution
Stages-Technology- Drivers- IT Infrastructure -Evolution

What Are The Stages And Technology Drivers Of IT Infrastructure Evolution?

There are 5 stages of IT infrastructure evolution, these are:

  1. The Mainframe Era,
  2. The Personal Computer Era,
  3. The Client/Server Era,
  4. The Enterprise Computing Era and
  5. The Cloud Computing Era.

The Law of the Moore deals with the exponential augments in processing power and decline within the worth of technology, stating that every eighteen months the ability of microprocessors doubles and also the value of computing falls in half. The Law of Mass Digital Storage deals with the exponential decrease within the value of storing information, stating that the quantity of kilobytes of information which will be kept on magnetic media for $1 nearly doubles in every fifteen months. The Law of Metcalfe helps shows that a network’s worth to participants grows exponentially because the network takes on additional members. Additionally driving exploding pc use is that the swift decline in prices of communication and growing agreement within the technology business to use computing and communications standards.

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What are the Challenges of Managing IT Infrastructure and Management Solutions?


What are the Challenges of Managing IT Infrastructure and Management Solutions?

Major challenges embody handling platform and infrastructure modification, infrastructure management, and governance, and creating wise infrastructure investments. resolution guidelines include employing a competitive forces model to work out what proportion to pay thereon infrastructure and wherever to form strategic infrastructure investments, and establishing the total value of the ownership (TCO) of information technology assets. the overall value of owning technology resources includes not only the first value of computer hardware and software package but also costs for hardware and software upgrades, maintenance, technical support, and coaching.

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What Is IT Infrastructure And What Are Its Components?


What Is IT Infrastructure And What Are Its Components?

This is the term IT infrastructure which is shown in a regular or standard named Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 to the composite of software, hardware, networks, facilities, etc with all of the information technology, with the purpose of deliver, monitor, develop, control or support The IT services. It allows an organization to deliver IT solution and services to its partners and customers, employees and is normally internal to an organization and develop within owned facilities. We also have to know about an IT Manager, an Information Technology Manager is responsible for maintaining and implementing an organization’s technology infrastructure. And today Business mostly rely on a central Information processing system to support efficient data management and communications.
IT infrastructure is the shared technology resources that supply the perfect platform for the firm’s definite information system applications. IT Infrastructure contains software, hardware and services that are shared across the whole firm. Most important IT infrastructure components include computer hardware platforms, operating system platforms, database management software, networking and telecommunications platforms, enterprise software platforms, Internet platforms and consulting services and systems integrator.


Normally, a perfect and standard IT infrastructure must consists of following important components:

Software: ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM- Customer Resource Management, productivity application and more…
Hardware: Servers, data centers, computers, switches, hubs and routers etc.
Networks: It includes Internet connection, Network enablement, firewall and security.
Meatware: Including Human users, for example Network Administrators (NA), designers and developers, genetic end users with the access to any IT application or other service are also important part of an IT infrastructure.

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What Ethical, Social And Political Issues Are Raised By Information Systems ?


What Ethical,Social And Political Issues Are Raised By Information Systems ?


Nowadays information technology is always introducing significant changes for which rules and laws of up to standard conduct have not yet been developed. Increasing computing power, storage, networking capabilities-including the Internet-expand the accomplish of individual and organizational actions and magnify their impacts. The ease and anonymity, with which information is nowadays communicated, copied and also manipulated in online environments, pose latest challenges to intellectual property and protection of privacy. The major ethical, social and also political issues that raised by information systems(IS) core around information rights and obligations, property rights and obligations, accountability, manage, organize and  control , system quality and quality of life.

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